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Sun, May. 22nd, 2005, 12:44 pm

My New York City trip with my sister who I barely know, and her friend Gram went - 'okay' to 'poor'.

They drove me nuts somewhat on the way up, because both of them had seen Starwars ep. 3 already, and I hadn't and I thought it was very rude for them to be talking about it on the way up, especially when I had mentioned a couple times that I haven't seen it yet.

I usually invite people to ride up with me on "long trips" to talk with them and get to know them a little better or catch up on things if I hadn't seen them in a few months. This is that case with my sister Lisa and her friend Gram. I also like listening to the radio or some music while driving up if conversations got a little slow. But! There was barely any conversation, I felt it was rude that Gram started calling all his friends and talking to various people almost the whole trip up to NYC. I tried to hint that it was inappropiate for him to be constantly talking with other people on his cell phone. I turned up the radio just a little after listening to him for about an hour and he asked if I can turn to radio off in the back. - I did... but he still kept talking on his cell phone!
I gave my sister a few of those "looks", hints that meant "HEY! What's wrong with your friend Gram??" I think she ignored them or something. (On the trip back from NYC - without Gram, his trip was only one-way, my sister said she didn't think it was rude at all!!?!?)

Well I guess I found out a bit about my sister that I didn't know. We finally left NYC at about 12:30am! because my sister wanted to stop by the BAR that Gram was in and "Good-bye" before we left back to VA. She said he was "just up the road", like 5 mins away ... (Grrr... more like 10 in the opposite direction!). And her meaning of "Just stop in really quick" was nearly 30 mins! While I was double parked with my hazard lights on sitting right in front of the door of the bar. There was no available parking on the street. I wanted to not be rude and honk or anything, but after 15 mins of waiting I called her on her cell phone to tell her "times up" and to hurry up! I got her voicemail. I called again in 10 mins, and got her voice mail again, I left a message saying I'm coming in to get you when you reach 30 mins! So I parked at fire hydrant and started walking back to the bar. Gram and Lisa were just popping out of the bar as I walked up to the entrance. He was red faced "intoxicated" and Lisa said he was just meet Gram's 4 friends and getting a drink... when she thought of me?!?! Grrr! Is 25 mins REALLY quick? when we were leaving to drive back to Virginia at midnight?? I think NOT! My idea of really quick was maybe 5-10 mins, and maybe 15 mins tops! Geez! How rude!

Well, driving on the way back home, Lisa had mentioned she'll drive an hour or so to give me a break. Then about 30 mins later she said she wasn't feeling well, too some drowsy alergy meds and fell alseep.
Well, it didn't seem that whatever she took was working, she just said she was too tired to drive. Well, we didn't get out of NYC until about 1am, and I wanted to leave at the latest 11:30pm. .. and now she's not helping to drive?!?! Grrr! Well, I ended up driving almost all the way back to DC (30 mins left) before pulling over at a rest area because I was way too tired to drive anymore. We took a 2 hour nap before she woke up and said oh there's food in the ice chests in the trunk that might go bad. Well, that was the last thing on my mind! ?? Anyhow she drove back to DC where she lives - arriving about 6am... and I was just wiped out so she got her stuff out of my car said a quick bye! and went up to her apartment. I would have invited my friend or sister to sleep over, but she didn't?!?! So I slept in the car for another hour about and woke up at around 7am and drove back to my parent's place.... un-packed the ice cooler stuff which was still mostly frozen, and went to bed in my room.

Here I am ... I woke up about 30 mins ago... still a little pissed off from the trip. But I'll get over it! I want an appology - that I'll probably never get from either Gram or my sister. But, I don't really care, it was supposed to be a pleasent drive/trip, to get to know my sister and Gram a little bit better, that goal was accomplished - it's the result wasn't as favorable as I had hoped it would be. Last time I'll be doing that with them.

I usually love the food at the chinese resturants in NYC, except for this time, I thought the dishes were mostly over-cooked, and some of the dishes were just horrible, to the point of - if I was paying for the food I'd tell the resturant to either re-cook the dish or remove it from the bill. I started rating each dish as I tried it, most of the dishes I rated a 2 or 3 out of 10. My cousin noticed the little numbers and I told her what they were for and she pretty much laughed. I didn't really care since it was my personal opionions of the food for dinner. I didn't really care until she started telling everyone there that I was poorly rating all the food that was being served. I started to tell her that it's true, that the food was over-cooked, plain or just bad... she didn't really agree. (on the way home from NYC, my sister called her boyfriend at like 1:20 am and started "yapping" again - and told him that was poorly rating food at the resturnat too - GRrr... geez!) I asked nicely to get off the cell phone, and let him goto bed because you can talk with him tomarrow. But she was rude, and kept talking even after the first tunnel, a disconnect... oh hell! whatever - I pretty much told her she was being really rude talking on the cell phone for hours and hours, but she didn't think so?!?!

So ... there's my "wonderful" NYC trip! There were some good points - like seeing wedding pictures from my cousin Harold's wedding and shopping in Chinatown with my aunt Gladys and my grandpa. - at least his birthday cake was good :)