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Wed, May. 18th, 2005, 11:12 pm

Well, my first day at Biovail has come and gone.
It was pretty cool to see lab equipment and drug production rooms.
It was nice meeting everyone, and I had a nice tour of the facilities.
I had a 2 hr safety training class.
... and that was pretty much my day.

I didn't sleep much or very well last night, woke up like 5 times.
So, after work today I came straight home, didn't eat dinner and went to bed.
I just woke up, that was a nice 4+ hour nap.

I missed "game night", oh well I'll catch it next week.

I'm heading up to New York this weekend for my grandpa's 87th birthday,
so I won't be seeing Starwars ep. 3 until next week. - oh well! :(
At least I'll see it in the theathers.

Off to eat some dinner! ... and play some more online Poker! :)

Oh yeah if your reading this, and you call me "Kody", please call me "Chris" from now on.
*Kody is a character I play for a LARP; you can call me Kody if I'm wearing fur or at the LARP.

Thank you!